Life Coach

What Do I Do?

I work as a catalyst to help people transform their lives.

Most people come to me with a specific goal in mind: lose weight, quit smoking, overcome stress or anxiety, or get perspective on their lives.

These challenges often go deeper and that's where things get interesting. I work with people to overcome their challenges in a holistic manner, addressing not only the problem itself but the underlying cause.

Sometimes The Cause Is Behavioral.

Often times the reason why changing a habit or behavior is so difficult is because it's connected to a bunch of other habits or behaviors in ways we just don't see.

We'll spend all of our time thinking about the main habit we want to change, and that focus keeps us blind to all the ways other habits, mindsets, or environmental factors are creating that negative habit.

For example, I once had four different clients bring up their nightly struggle to stop drinking. (All in the same week.)

These women were incredibly successful, and frustrated that this was the one thing they couldn't overcome.

While their motivations to quit, and the ways they tried were different, there were some common underlying factors. Each of them worked long hour days. They often skipped meals to get more work done, and they started drinking when they got home as they prepared dinner.

These women were incredibly intelligent and had tried everything from abstinence, throwing away their wine collections, rewarding themselves when they didn't drink, punishing themselves when they did, and whatever else came to mind.

What they needed was an outside perspective that could link dots the mind hadn't thought about, because when minds focus on a personal problem, the problem often looms so large we can't see the small side factors that play a part.

What were those factors?

Well wine has plenty of sugar in it, and it wasn't a far stretch to assume their blood sugar was low from skipping meals. They were also exhausted and stressed. This means the body knew exactly what it was doing when stressed, tired, and famished, it reached for that bottle of wine.

Once we got their nutrition balanced, increased their protein levels and their frequency of eating, built in a mindfulness and hypnosis routine for stress, and made space for them to rest when they got home, the habit vanished for all four women.

All together it took about two weeks of work to solve a problem that had been plaguing some of these women for years, and all it took was another set of trained eyes.

Sometimes The Challenge Goes Deeper.

Often times the roots of our challenges go far deeper than our other behaviors. In fact, most of the time our other behaviors are linked to old pains and wounds, childhood traumas, years of living hell from difficult times in our lives, or sudden tragedies.

This is where the real work is at. This is where I see people truly transform.

I've seen people shed their anxiety in a matter of a week.

I've seen women go from endlessly sacrificing themselves for others, to listing out the dozens of ways they drew healthy boundaries that week in scenarios we had never even talked about.

I've seen young men come to sudden revelations about themselves, insights that informed them about who they are, and what their purpose is.

Every single one of them had been doing their inner work, tapping in to their own wisdom, and the needs of their core selves.

This is the work that transforms a person from the inside out, it gives new meaning to life.

It's a powerful process, and it is made even more effective when we combined it with thorough behavioral work, nurturing, nourishing, and empowering the entire individual.

I love figuring out the behavioral aspect of a client's challenge, brainstorming solutions to the way everything fits together. It's like putting together a puzzle and seeing how everything fits. It's fun and rewarding.

And when we go deeper, when we work on discovering, healing, and embodying a client's core self, the work is infinitely rewarding. The experience of it all, the privilege to watch people heal, grow, and transform, it's beyond words.

If this sounds like what you've been looking for, reach out to me.

Who Do I Work With?

I work with people who are desperate for change, who have driven themselves to the very edge of their being to find it.

People who seek to overcome their unhealthy habits, to heal their wounds, to discover themselves and change the way they think and act from the inside out.

I work with people who want to make a difference in the world. I help catalyze the change in them, knowing that when they tap in to their core selves and fully embody and express themselves, they will go on to change the world in their own unique way.

If this sounds like you I want you to ask yourself some questions.

  1. Who are you doing this for?

  2. How sure are you that you want to make this change?

  3. What does this need to change feel like?

The reason why I ask this is because I want to make sure that we're the right fit.


I have designed my life to be the best that I can be in this work. It's my passion, it fills me with life, with drive, and often times it leaves me speechless.

But I only have so much time, and I can only work with so many people. I choose the ones that I know I can have the greatest impact on.

This means that you have to be doing this work for yourself. Not for a partner, not for your parents, a family member or a friend, just you. They'll certainly benefit, but you have to want it. It's the only way you'll reap all the potential of who you are.

You have to know that you want to change. It has to be a force that is rising up in you.

Every change has it's contemplation phase, a time when we entertain the idea. That's good. It's healthy. It's how change is made.

The contemplative phase is best explored in self reflection, with friends, loved ones, or a therapist.

I'm not for that phase. It's not how I can best serve you. I excel at helping people take their need for change and put it into action, gaining insight into themselves, who they are at their cores, and how they can truly embody themselves in their lives.

If you are doing this for you. If you absolutely know you have to change. If you feel it rising up in you, then reach out to me, because I want to work with you.

How Do We Work Together?

Our work together is a path of self growth and exploration.

It starts with our consultation, and if everything you've read so far is lighting you up inside, shouting "You Need To Do This!"

Click here and book yourself a consultation.

The consultation is where I get to hear your story and you get to feel out if we click. If the energies are right. People can have a lot of skills and a lot of know how, but what really makes a transformative process like this work is the catalyst factor.


There are thousands of other coaches, hypnotists, and mentors out there. My clients will certainly tell you that I'm one of the better ones, maybe even the best, but that's because we click, we connect.

It's that connection which allows them to trust me enough to truly open up. Trust me enough to hold the space as they explore places within they never dared to go before.

They trust me enough to respond with absolute truth in a coaching session, moving from insight to insight, defining and learning all sorts of new things about themselves, and knowing that I hold space for whatever it is they find.

They trust me enough to listen to my advise when I recommend an odd sounding supplement, or practicing a meditation method they've never heard of before.

My clients trust me, and that's essential to making all this work. The consultation is where you get to decide if you and I click, if we connect, if you can trust me.

After that, if you decide I'm the right catalyst for you, I design you a program and we start our work together.

What Does A Program Look Like?

My 1:1 work with clients is based on weekly interactions and is held in the container of a program.

Every program is custom tailored to you, their lengths and what exactly we do during our sessions changes depending on what your needs are.

Most programs start at 12 weeks.

If you come to me to quit smoking or to work on a specific goal like mindfulness or stress management 12 weeks allows us to not only shift out of the old behaviors and establish the new, but to really cement the new life style.

Transformations that require more depth or subtle shifts require more time and can lead to programs that last six months or even a year.

During this time we meet weekly over phone, Skype, or FaceTime.

(If you live in Portland, OR we can meet face to face at a coffee shop or your home.)

Sessions range from in-depth 90 minute intensives, where we dive deep into the mind and the emotions of the body, to 60 minute coaching sessions where we strategize, brainstorm and set goals. Included are the occasional check ins to increase accountability, and fill me in on whats present with you.

Session frequency is based on the work that we're doing and what your needs are. For example, smoking cessation typically requires a lot of coaching to really plan out what exactly you're shifting behaviorally to provide for yourself what cigarettes used to.

This benefits from meeting regularly to strategize but doesn't require a lot of time to actualize. Meeting for 30-60 minute sessions once a week for 12 weeks will allow us to not only get to the root of the struggle, but to establish mindfulness and stress management habits that will help you stay cigarette free.

Weight loss, depression, or PTSD on the other hand tends to require a lot of time to work with. Intensity of sessions are not as critical as consistency of practice and in fact sometimes, as in the case of mental health, there will be weeks where there's simply not enough energy or focus to do more than a check in.

These cases benefit from longer program duration and more flexibility on session content and length, so that they better fit where you are that day, and moment.

No matter how the program is designed for you it will be supported by hypnotic sessions. I record these sessions at home and set up a customized page for you to download them.

Hypnosis thrives with repetition so I ask clients to listen to their hypnotic session 2-3 times a day for 30 days. You'll receive a new session each month.

Throughout the entire process I will be available to you by text or email. So you'll be able to reach out and ask questions or get support between sessions.

You'll also have life long access to my FB support group, a community of my other clients all working on their own transformation.

How much does a programs cost?

Since this work requires a lot from me and the holding of space for deep transformative change and often times the pain and trauma that has deeply affected the people I work with, I am limited to how many people I can work with at one time.

I only ever work with eight clients at a time.

Since it is important for me to offer my services to people of all economic backgrounds three of those spots are reserved for clients on a sliding scale.

The rest of my programs start at 2,100 for twelve weeks and then scale from there.

I do offer payment plans and reduced rates if paid up front.

What do you receive?

  • Depth Work That is Tailored for You

    • Guided Meditations

    • Dream Work

    • Journaling

    • Art and Symbol Work

    • Spiritual Exploration

  • Peer Support and Perspective

  • Space to Be You, to Grow, and be Supported

  • Monthly In-Depth Sessions

  • Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • Nutritional Coaching and Guidance

  • Behavioral Coaching and Guidance

  • Stress Management Training

  • Mindfulness Training

  • Access to FB Client Community

  • Monthly Hypnosis Recordings

  • Full Time Text and Email Support

If you do the work, you will see your life transform, and I only work with people who are willing to do the work.

If you are still in a contemplative phase, knowing that you need to change but are not yet sure of the commitment I highly recommend signing up for my email list in the box below and following me on FaceBook.

I work hard to release a lot of great content to help people with their transformation. 

If this work sounds like exactly what you're looking for then sign up for a consultation with me and lets talk about your transformation.

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What Tools Do I Use?

At the core of our work together are the following tools:



Coaching is a practice that allows you to better understand your self, your motives, and your goals. It brings clarity to your decisions and insights into who you are, where you are going, and how you are getting there.

It is a series of motivational interviews, questions, mirroring techniques, and reflections to help you better explore yourself. From this exploration, internal blocks are discovered, insights are made, motivation is found, and goals are set.


Is a practice that relaxes the mind and body. Most people naturally enter into this state throughout the day, and when properly invoked it allows for the mind to receive healthy suggestions, eliminating old thoughts and behaviors and planting the seeds of new beliefs and healthy action.

But hypnosis is a lot more than the suggestions made.

The hypnotic state itself is a powerful state of mind that can help to heal the mind and body, simply by breaking through the cycles of stress and emotion, the anxiety, anger, or fear that often comes to haunt us.


Many life coaches believe that the best way they can help others is to focus on questions and goal setting. This comes from the belief that a person knows what they need to be doing deep down inside. In general, people do.

People know when they need to grow, when they need to change, they know when they need to focus on their health or drop an addiction. This is very real in the mind and the body and coaching is a great way to tap into this intuition, enlivening it as a passion, and manifesting it through clear cut goals.

Sometimes though, people don't have the information they need to go from the broad understanding "I need to change" to exactly what steps to take.

That's where I come in. While others are working on their carreers and raising families, this is my carreer, and in a way it is my child. I've developed myself to be a resource for the growth of others and I direct the full focus of my energy and passion into this work.

From research, to training, honing intuition, and seeking out mentors I constantly work at improving my ability to act as a powerful catalyst and resource for you.

Peer Perspective

I do this work from the perspective of a peer.

I'm not the authority here, you are the author of your own life. I simply offer myself as a resource for your transformation. I have tools and information that can help you, and I have done a lot of my own transformation work, so I can hold space for you as someone who has seen their own fair share of struggles.

Physical Challenges:

  • Trauma

  • Lead Poisoning

  • A Massive Speech Impediment

Mental Health Challenges:

  • Bipolar I

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety

Redefined and Embodied:

  • My Queer Identity within a Conservative Christian Family

  • My Mental Health Challenges as a Blessing

  • My Spiritual Life

Overcome Addictions:

  • Cigarettes

  • Alcohol

  • Marijuana

  • Codependency

What Do My Clients Say?

I love my clients and the work that they do. These are beautiful and brave souls who look their life challenges in the face and decide to do the work necessary for their transformation.

Working with people on their transformation is a privilege, and I work to honor that truth with powerful, effective, and emotionally supportive service.

Below are some of the things people have said about that work on FaceBook.

If you'd like to read more reviews please go to my Testimonial Page.

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